SuppoRTT – Supported Return to Training for West Midlands


Priority : Essential

At Health Education England, we have been presented with an opportunity to ensure that consistent and appropriate time, resources, and support are invested in our returning trainees in order for them to step back into training after taking time out without unnecessary difficulties.

For trainees to stay up to date with training whilst away from practice and to identify support required upon their return, we now have a process in place where trainees are encouraged to complete an individualised Supported Return to Training plan (SuppoRTT). This will involve participating in structured planning and review meetings when leaving and returning with their Training Programme Director, or College Tutor.

Through this process trainees will be able to access bespoke courses, events and training that will include the following:

  • Return to Clinical Practice days
  • Enhanced Supervisions
  • Pre-existing local training and bespoke training
  • Reimbursement of childcare costs for KIT/SPLIT days
  • Building your personal and professional well-being
  • Clinical Simulation day

If you require further information or have any queries regarding this process please email [email protected]

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