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About the resource

Towards the end of 2017, three things happened:

1)      The tragic story of a newly returning Paediatric Trainee Doctor, Dr Bawa-Garba making a mistake, resulting in serious harm to a young patient was reported in the media.

2)      I found that at our Trust, University Hospital’s Bristol had more than 100 doctors returning to training after more than six months off every year. There was a massive disparity on how these doctors were supported back to clinical practice.

3)      Health Education England were welcoming bids to finance innovative solutions to support doctors returning to training.

A small research team of trainees who had experience of returning to training was formed consisting of Dr Sam Amin, Dr Kat Butcher, Dr Abby Cannon, Dr Sarah Dunkerley, Dr Beccy Fallaize, Dr Freia McGregor, Dr Freia Smith-Jack and Dr Marianne Tinkler.  They organised a Return to training conference in June 2018 and did a needs analysis from the participants of this conference. This formed the content of the resource.

A local company ‘Seadog TV & Film Productions’ won the contract to produce six films and create this resource under our direction.

We would like to thank Health Education England who awarded us the funds to research and produce this mobile friendly resource. We hope its content helps us keep our patients safe and our Returning Trainees safe whilst caring for them.


Dr Rebecca Aspinall, Director of Medical Education and Consultant at UH Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Miss Kirsty Andrews, Deputy Medical Education Manager UH Bristol NHS Foundation Trust